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Guest Impressions

Glencoe and Dundee outreach

Darul Ihsan Centre - through its Muslim Empowerment Fund (MEF) – distributed bottled water in its ‘Operation H20’ project to households and blankets to the elderly in Glencoe and Dundee on Sunday, 21 August 2016.

The Darul Ihsan relief team, together with volunteers, departed for Glencoe early on Sunday morning.

En route to Glencoe the relief team stopped at Kwa Thelephi – a rural area about 25 kilometres before Glencoe.

Here the team met Maulana Suhail Mangra, the Imam of Glencoe Masjid and Mr Mbatha, the Honourable Mayor of the Endumeni Municipality who - together with some local community members - assisted in the distribution of bottled water to about 60 households and blankets to the elderly in the area.

The relief team, together with Maulana Mangra, the Mayor and all volunteers, proceeded to Central Glencoe and Glenridge where bottled water was distributed and blankets distributed to elderly women.

Bottled water was also distributed to the elderly at the ABH Old Age Home in Glencoe.

Thereafter all proceeded to Dundee where bottled water was distributed amongst the residents and blankets distributed to the elderly in the rural communities of Stratford Farm and Craigside.

Altogether Darul Ihsan Centre distributed 200 blankets and 15,000 litres of bottled water in the outreach. A further 2,500 litres water was donated by families from both Glencoe and Newcastle towards the outreach.

All those who received the bottled water and blankets expressed their sincere appreciation to Darul Ihsan Centre for the initiative – particularly in view of the drought and harsh winter experienced in the aforementioned areas.

The Honourable Mayor, Mr Mbatha, and Maulana Suhail Mangra accompanied the relief team through the entire distribution exercise and also expressed their appreciation to the Centre for the outreach gesture.

These relief programmes of Darul Ihsan Centre are made possible through the generous and on-going support and contributions of the Muslim community.

Darul Ihsan Centre and the ‘Operation H20’ team place on record their sincere thanks and appreciation to all - particularly the volunteers - who contributed, assisted and made dua for this noble project.

We humbly appeal to families and individuals to continue their dedicated support for the benefit of such communities and in this way earn the pleasure and protection of Allah Ta’ala.

For more information on other outreach projects and ways to contribute and participate please visit our website For regular updates subscribe to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

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