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Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre distributes thousands of blankets annually in its *‘Sponsor a Blanket’* campaign to deserving communities who brace our cold winters. The blankets are distributed locally and nationally.

The ‘Sponsor a Kajoor Pack’ project undertaken annually by Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre heralded a distribution of 12 440 one kilogram packs of Kajoor/dates for Ramadan 1439/2018. The project runs nationally and to Maputo and Malawi. The distribution of the Kajoor packs focused on Masajid, Madrasas, Maktabs, Musallahs, Correctional Service Centres and Darul Ulooms. The contributions of well-wishers was once again very heart warming and the recipients ever-grateful.

In 2014 Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre established an office in Howick. The motivation of establishing this office was to address the social and welfare needs of the Midlands community and also spearhead Darul Ihsan’s ‘Drug Awareness Drive’ (DAD).

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre, in its ongoing education and skills programmes, conducts ‘Ghusal & Kafan’ classes for females and males.

The ‘Al Ihsan Caregiver Course’ is among the Skills Development programmes conducted by the Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre. The course provides skills training – at no cost – to females in nursing and care for the aged, frail and invalid.

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre hosted its annual Pre-Ramadan programme for Muslims mainly from localities and townships of the greater Durban area on Sunday, 13 May 2018. Some one thousand two hundred women, children, youth and men converged at Masjid Bilal in Castlehill, Newlands West for this annual event.

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