25 August 2019   23. Zul Hijja 1440
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Ilm and Taqwa

Nabi said : “Keep on fearing Allah, you will become a great Aalim.”

In sincere submission and obedience to the orders of Allah Ta’ala, the fountains of knowledge will spring forth from such a heart. …Of course, sincere submission and obedience requires an initial acquisition of knowledge, as has just been stated; therefore the obligation to seek Ilm-e-Deen.

Rasulullah (SAW) has said : “The acquisition of (Deeni) knowledge is compulsory on every Muslim.”

Allah Ta’ala further says :

“…It is only those who have knowledge among His slaves that fear Allah…”
[Surah Fatir 35 : 28]

The Mufassireen (Commentators of the Qur`aan Sharief) have stated that the level of one’s fear of Allah Ta’ala depends on the level of one’s knowledge. Thus, the distinguishing attributes and qualities of the Ulama-e-Haq from that of those who just assume the semblance of the Ulama is that in the lives of the Ulama-e-Haq is an expression of the fear of Allah. This engenders submission and obedience to Allah Ta’ala and Rasulullah (SAW).

One who is not obedient to Allah Ta’ala, has no fear of Allah Ta’ala and is thus found persistent in sins. Such a person will not even be categorised amongst the ‘Ulama’ or Ahle-Ilm (People of knowledge), even though he may have much knowledge.

Even Ulama-e-Haq can accidentally fall into sin, However, their fear of Allah Ta’ala facilitates taubah (repentance); and their taubah is on the level of their Ilm (knowledge).

Being well versed and acquainted in only the language of Arabic does not make one an Aalim, if the heart is barren of the Ma’rifat (recognition) of Allah Ta’ala. …After all, Abu Jahl was recognised and renowned for his eloquence of the Arabic language, but his epithet is ‘Abu Jahl’ (The father of ignorance).


Ikhlas - Sincerity

A Discourse by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel Saheb [Daamat Barakaatuhum] [Musjid-e-Noor]

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