08 April 2020   14. Sha'aban 1441
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The Fear and Mercy of Allah (Ta’ala)

Our beloved Nabi (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) mentions the incident of Kifal during the reign of Bani Isra’eel. Kifal lived a life of extravagance and adopted some of the most indecent and lewd ways of living. He was notorious among the people as a womaniser, an adulterer and an immoral person.

One day a poor woman called upon Kifal for some charity due to her extreme poverty. She was desperate to feed herself and her children. Kifal, the fornicator offered her 70 dirhams but on condition that she “sleeps with him”. Her dire need, coupled with her anxiety of relieving the hunger of her starving children, sub-conscientiously drove her to reluctantly accept the pervert’s offer.

At the time when she presented herself in front of Kifal her body shook violently. Her frail body erupted into convulsions-like movements and she began to weep uncontrollably. Kifal enquired about her problem. To his amazement, she replied that she had never ever committed adultery. She continued lamenting that her body would not allow this horrible sin to happen. Kifal retorted that he did not force her to sleep with him … she agreed to his offer.

Suddenly Kifal was “gripped” by this strange scenario. The fear of Allah Ta’ala engulfed his heart. The once reviled Kifal immediately turned to the Creator, Allah Ta’ala and pleaded for forgiveness. He gave the lady the 70 dirhams and instantly released her.

Overawed by what he just witnessed, he repeatedly cried out that his heart was now spellbound by the fear of Allah Ta’ala.

That same night Kifal passed on. The next morning the front door of his home had the following inscription: “Allah has forgiven Kifal.”

Had it not been for the caption on the door, perhaps the people would not have performed Kifal’s Salaat-ul-Janaza and just buried him. Indeed, it was the Fear and the Mercy of Allah (Ta’ala) that saved him from the terrifying consequences of his horrendous lifestyle.

Ah, what a lesson!

Never underestimate anyone. Never look down upon anyone. Never be judgemental about anyone on account of his/her actions and conduct.

Allah Ta’ala is Most Merciful. (Incident reported in Mishkaat)

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