24 May 2019   18. Ramadan 1440
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Masjid Posters

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Allah Ta'ala states in the Noble Quran: “Obey Allah and the Rasool and do not dispute with one another lest you falter and your strength departs from you.” (Surah Anfal V.46)

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Anger is a normal human emotion that is found within every person but turns destructive when not controlled. Mismanagement of anger causes one problems at work, in personal relationships, and in the overall quality of one’s life. Therefore the guidance given to us in the hadith is towards the management, control and curbing of anger.

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Maintaining family ties is an important obligation of every Muslim. One way of strengthening family ties is to assist family members who are in financial need. It is praiseworthy to direct one's Zakat and other charity to needy family members, as this entails two virtues: the virtue of charity and the virtue of strengthening family relations.

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A Muslim home not only provides a place of residence for its occupants, but also serves as a place of security and privacy.

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Among the vices that consume the good deeds of a Believer is 'backbiting' (gheebat), which has sadly become a common and widespread malady in our community.

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There is a general tendency to confine Human Rights to physical and material entitlement. Moral values and human dignity seem to becoming less important. Yet true rights will only be fulfilled when moral and social justice is upheld.

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