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The advent of the month of Shawwāl brings with it the remembrance of Ibrāhīm ‘alayhis salām and his memorable hajj. All over the world, those who are fortunate make preparations for this great spiritual experience. Hajj is from the five pillars of Islām and is fard upon every sane and mature believer who possesses the means to perform hajj.

Expressing gratitude, (making shukr) is effectively one of the most outstanding qualities of a Muslim. In Surah al-Dhar, Allah Ta’ala states: “We have guided mankind to the road (to success) so that he is either grateful or he is ungrateful”. (Surah al-Dhar: 03)

Our beloved Nabi (Sallalahu Alayhi Wasallam) strongly encouraged, inspired and motivated the Ummah to build “family-ties”. The establishing and maintaining of a healthy relationship with family is the cornerstone to a healthy society.

The one single factor that loudly and boldly screams out and signals the unmistakable Sunnah-identity of a Muslim in this world, is his/her embrace with Shariat-ul-Islam. Alhamdulillah, the world has been created for its inhabitants to live and benefit from the countless bounties showered upon us by Allah Ta’ala.

The Noble Quran and the Ahadith has, and will always remain to be the strength of the Muslims through every era. These two main sources will always remain a solid foundation of inspiration and a manifestation of spiritual inspiration and a manifestation of spiritual strength in times of weakness.

The Khilafat during the reign of Hadhrat Umar (RA) is most definitely a “highpoint” in the colourful history of Islam. Besides volumes being written about it, people across the spectrum actually show immense interest in getting to know more and more about the details of this Khilafa.

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