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The regular and purposeful repetition (epistrophe) of these words is indeed a great blessing. Hence, as a Muslim, one ought to repeat these words as often as possible

Every living being will experience and taste the pangs of death. There is no escape from this finality! Death is a reality which is inescapable irrespective of the status of the person or his/her relationship with Allah Ta’ala.

O Muslims! Do not waste your lives! Do not waste time on unnecessary and trivial matters. Make it a point of remembering Allah Ta’ala all the time by reciting the prescribed masnoon (recommended) duas. Most importantly, be constantly engaged in sincere Dhikrullah (remembrance of Allah Ta’ala).

The peoples of the world have made a 3600 turnaround in the way they think, speak, rationalise and act out their lives. What a tragedy? Man marries man, woman marries woman, bestiality, pedophilia and the list of despicable acts continue.

The noble Quran did not leave us vaguely pondering by simply stating:

“… guide us to the straight path …”

To the contrary, Allah Ta’ala immediately clarifies in the very next verse:

“the path of those on whom You have
bestowed Your Grace …”

The life of a person is largely dependent on the company and people that surround you. By nature people are influenced by the type of company one keeps. 

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