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Guest Impressions


O Muslims, let us awake from our deep slumber and start hymning the name of Allah Ta’ala at every twist and turn of your brief stay on earth. Such constant dhikr (remembrance) of the glorified name of our beautiful Creator ushers nothing but sheer and soothing, sweetness and sereneness to one’s heart. On a more awe-inspiring level, the heartfelt dhikr of the adored name of our ever-loving Allah Ta’ala is a clear indication of one’s love, reverence and total reliance on our mighty Allah Ta’ala.

What a wonderful thing it is for a Muslim to remove a difficulty / obstruction from the path of a pedestrian?

Fatimah Kadumy is the founder of Bait al Karama – “the House of Dignity” – a cooking school situated in the heart of the Old City of Nablus, which rests on the principle that it is just as effective to fight the Israeli occupation through sugar and spice, as Molotov’s and stones.

Abu Umamah (رضي الله عنه) reports that the Nabi of Allah ﷺ said:

”Four people whom Allah SWT cursed and the Angels said aameen to ... are ones who:

mislead the needy;
deceive a blind person by misdirecting him to a well, or lie to him that an animal is in front him;
give a wrong address to another person; and
beat up their parent/s until they (the parent/s) complain to Allah SWT.”

By Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Saleem Dhorat (MZ)

Benefits of providing water

Providing water to a thirsty person or those in need of it is a special form of charity having much reward. Water is the source of life and to give water is likened to giving life. Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) said “The best form of sadaqah is giving someone water.” (Ibn Majah)
Great virtues have been cited for providing water and creating water generating facilities that become a means of perpetual reward and benefit the donor in this life and after death.

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