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The Nimat of the TongueAllah Ta’ala blessed us with the Nimat (favour) of the tongue. A favour that may be used for the sake of good or abused for malicious purposes.

A Muslim, whoever he/she may be in whatever position or rank as seen in this world, is in the sight of Allah Ta’ala worth more than this world and its contents.

Who was Valentine? Why is this day observed?

Muslims are advised to distinguish themselves in their external appearance adopting Islamic ways and methods in all their affairs, whether worldly or Deeni.

Vanity of Valentine’s DayFebruary 14th, also known as Valentine's Day, is that time of the year that has commonly been associated with love and romance.

How the Quran shapes the brain“If it wasn’t for their political problems and constant fighting between each other, the Muslims would have been on the moon by the 1400’s” was the statement made by a non-Muslim professor in a 400-level undergraduate class on the history of science.

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