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A person should have full conviction that Allâh Ta'âla loves us more than what our own mothers love us. Whatever He does is solely for our benefit. When we are afflicted by any sickness, our sins are wiped out.

transportThe travels of this World are an example of one's travel towards the hereafter and are there to take lessons from. The objectives of these travels, amongst all other purposes, should always be to direct one's attention towards Allah (SWT) and the hereafter. The best traveler is the one that takes lesson from the signs of Allah (SWT) that he witnesses.

mediaGiven the amount of violence and instability in countries with Muslim majorities, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, some people mistakenly assume the violence stems from Islamic teachings, when in fact Islam does not condone such actions.

arrivals"The Arrivals" - Since its arrival on the scene, the controversial series has taken the world by storm.  Some have praised the efforts of the producers, some have accused them of misinformation... So, is the arrivals good or not?

Imagine the greatness and virtue of a day which according to authentic Ahadith is ….

parents1. Behave well towards your father and mother and consider this good conduct as a propitious act which will earn Allah's grace in this world as well as in the next. Next to Allah, man owes the greatest obligation to his parents.

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