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Article - STOP Violent Abuse of Women


Under no circumstance does Islam allow or condone violence or abuse. In reality, everyday of a Muslim's life should be a day of activism against the abuse of women and children.


The Noble Quran contains several verses extolling good treatment of women, and makes it clear that the relationship between men and women is to be one of kindness, mutual respect, and caring and not one of oppression, violence and abuse.

The Prophet r vehemently disapproved of men hitting their wives, and led by example by never hitting, in his entire life, any woman or child. He r exhorted men thus, "Treat your women well and be kind to them, for they are your partners and committed helpers," and at another instance said, "The strong man is not the one who can use the force of physical strength, but the one who controls his anger." (Bukhari)

The Prophet r is reported to have stated: "(is it not a shame that) one of you beats his wife like a slave and then sleeps with her at the end of the day."


Violence against women and children has hurt many, destroyed families, and weakened the society. How much longer can we afford to look the other way?

Say No, No, No!! to abuse of woman and children.....



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