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Ramadan - A month of cleansing and ‘seeding’

Ramadan is a month that benefits a believer tremendously. It is perhaps the shortest and simplest path to acquire Nisbat (relationship, connection) with Allah Ta’ala. All forms of rewards and opportunities await a Muslim who is desirous of reformation and of acquiring proximity to Allah Ta’ala.

The exercises of Ramadan are designed such that they automatically establish a certain ability within a person to incline towards piety and virtue. Ordinary eating, drinking, sleeping and public association is curtailed. These are factors that are generally the cause of arousing passions, lethargy and negligence. Curbing these elements makes one fresh and energetic. Through fasting ones eating, drinking and carnal passions are kept in check. With Suhoor, Taraweeh and Tahajjud, sleep is balanced and through Itikaaf (seclusion) one develops the ability to enjoy proximity of Allah Ta’ala and is protected from the ill-effects of unnecessary association with people.

These exercises cleanse the inner-self and connect one with Allah Ta’ala. The heart is cleaned and prepared for cultivation. Cleaning the heart of the effects of overconsumption is necessary before the ‘seeds’ of Zikr, Quran recitation, Dua and good acts can be sown. With the heart cleaned, the pure essence of Zikr and other acts of devotion will impact on the heart. When the ground is fertile and prepared for cultivation the crops that will germinate will be lush and of a high quality. Similarly, the heart that is softened by these spiritual exercises will bear wonderful ‘flowers’ and results.

Once the cleansing is done, the ‘seeding’ begins. Through the optional acts of devotion like Tahajjud, Zikrullah, Nafl salah, recitation of the Quran, Sadqah etc., ‘seeding’ takes place. These beautiful acts of devotion are seeds that are sown in the ‘garden of Taqwa’ - the clean and cultivated heart of a believer. These seeds will result in beautiful flowers.

In essence, Ramadan is a month in which we cleanse the heart of maladies and plant the seeds of ibadat which results in one experiencing the beautiful fragrance and sweetness of Imaan (faith). When this is acquired it should not be lost and destroyed but enhanced by adhering to what was acquired through the blessings of Ramadan.

May Allah Ta’ala grant the Ummah a spiritually fruitful Ramadan. Aameen

Darul Ihsan Centre

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