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Method of Eid Salah & Sunnahs of Eid

Method of Eid Salah

First Rakaat
After making the 'Niyyat' the Imam will recite the 'Takbeer-e-Tahreema', (Allah-u-Akbar) and start the Eid Salaat. Everybody will raise their hands to their earlobes and fold them under their navels. The Imam will then recite three Takbeers one after the other with brief intervals (Allah-u-Akbar). The Musallis will raise their hands and drop them to their sides after the first and second Takbeers, and after the third Takbeer place their hands below their navels. The Imam will then recite the Surah Fatiha and follow it with any passage from the Quraan. He will then proceed into Rukoo and Sajdah and return for the second Rakaat.

Second Rakaat
The Imam will recite the Surah Fatiha and a passage from the Qur’an. Once this is complete he is now ready for the Rukoo. At this stage just before going into the Rukoo, he will recite the remaining three Takbeers with brief intervals. The Musallees will drop their hands each time to their sides. When the Imam recites the fourth Takbeer, they will go into Rukoo and then into Sajdah. After the Tashahhud and Salaam, Musallis must remain seated and wait for the Imaam to deliver the two Khutbahs.

The Sunnats of Eid - ul - Fitr

  • To awaken earlier than usual
  • To brush the teeth (miswaak)
  • To have a bath (ghusl)
  • To be well dressed in an Islamic manner
  • To dress in one's best clothes, not necessarily new
  • To use itr
  • To perform Eid Salah at the Eidgah
  • To eat an odd number of dates
  • To go for Salah early
  • To walk to the place of Eid Salah if within walking distance
  • To read the Takbeeraat of Eid silently
  • To use different routes to and from the place of Eid Salah
  • To greet one another on Eid day with the words "Eid Mubaruk"

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