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Diets make you hungry?

dietWant to lose weight, but dread the awful hunger pangs that go along with it? Here are some great in-between snack ideas to keep your belly full and your fat storage tank on empty.

Snacking not only stabilises your blood glucose and energy levels, but it also helps prevent you from overeating at your next meal.

Say no to the sweet stuff
The right choice of snack would be one that provides vitamins, minerals and sufficient energy to keep you going without contributing to an excess in your overall energy intake.

Stock your pantry with wholegrain crackers, fresh fruits and tasty proteins to prepare quick, easy and nutritious snack combinations that still please your palate and help those excess kilos disappear.

Try these:
• One whole fruit (about the size of a tennis ball) or ½ a cup of fresh fruit salad with low fat/fat-free smooth, unsweetened yogurt. For extra taste, add a dollop of honey or mix a few crushed nuts, raisins and seeds.
• An apple sliced into sections and topped with a thin layer of low fat peanut butter.
• One slice of whole wheat/rye bread OR three Provitas OR two Ryvitas, thinly spread with peanut butter, hummus, margarine, mashed avocado pear, low fat cheese spread or cottage with with sliced tomatoes.
• Two cups of air-popped popcorn (microwaved popcorn seed with no oil) with a pinch of parmesan cheese.
• Raw veggies like carrots, tomatoes and celery sticks, dipped in low fat hummus tzatziki or plain yogurt.
• One cup of low fat soup or a boiled egg with a slice of whole wheat/rye bread, cut into dippers.
• One medium-sized baked potato, filled with a tablespoon of cottage cheese.
• Fruit smoothie: ½ a small banana, ½ a cup of fresh strawberries and 1 cup of low fat/fat-free plain yogurt. Add ice and blend!



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