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5-minute Perk Me Ups

energyFeeling frazzled by your daily to-do list? Here are 3 simple energy boosters for instant oomph! It may seem like too much of an indulgence to grant oneself daily quiet time, but frankly, it’s not.

Tranquility and reflective time is just as important for your physical and emotional wellbeing as eating properly, getting enough sleep and exercising.

Perhaps your schedule is too frenetic to include an hour every day to yourself, but hey, whoever said unwinding had to go on for that long?!

Recharging your batteries – and reaping the benefits thereof – needs only a flash of your time.  So if you can, spare that much needed five or ten minute break and start the journey to a revived you, today.

Here’s how:

Breathe deeply
Take a long, deep breath from your nose and hold it in for a few seconds. Then, slowly exhale through your mouth. Repeat this breathing technique another three or more times, with your eyes closed if you can.

Why it works: Diaphragmatic breathing flushes out carbon dioxide by allowing energised oxygen to saturate the tissues.

Take a walk
Or stretch. Any form of movement, whether it’s going for a quick bathroom break or running up and down a flight of stairs, should do the trick.

Why it works: Exercise –light or moderate – triggers the release of those feel-good endorphins that not only helps restore your mood, but also pumps up your energy levels.

Get away
Find a quiet place, away from all distractions and close your eyes. Meditation can take on any form – you can use this time to either reflect on your day thus far or you can simply daydream.

Why it works: When you allow yourself a moment to soak up and appreciate peaceful moments, your brain, again, releases a rush of hormones that relieve a build up of stress and tension, making you happier and better equipped to tackle the rest of your busy schedule.

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