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5 Life-Changing Reasons to Get Healthy

scenaryWeight loss is overrated. Here's more reason to stay on track with your health goals.

If you're embarking on a health high only to slim down or to look good, your efforts WILL fail.

Weight loss is a wonderful goal, but what's to keep you fired up on days when the scale lets you down?Shedding kilos takes time and persistence; you need something more to keep you motivated…

How do you do this? It's simple, really. Find more reasons to be and stay healthy! Here's my list – use it or adapt it, but please share yours in the box below:

Increase energy and alertness

The benefits of committing to a healthy and active lifestyle are vast, but one feat in particular is that you will have more energy and you will sleep better at night too. And what's more? The added oomph also speeds up your metabolism, keeps you calmer and allows your brain to perform at its peak.

Be happier

Anxiety, crankiness and depression are all linked to poor health. Adjusting your lifestyle to include just 20-minutes of exercise each day will uplift your mood and release your tensions, leaving you not only looking good, but feeling fantastic too!

Boost immune system

Always sick? Take a long time to recover from colds and flu? Bolster your health and you'll automatically bolster your immune system!

Improve self esteem

If you're among the many women out there who struggle to appreciate their bodies, then it's time to listen up!

Healthy, active people are more confident and boast a strong sense of self worth – characteristics that we can all aspire to. Apart from achieving our desired shapes and sizes, living wholesomely also flushes out toxins and promotes radiant hair and clear, glowing skin.

Banish boredom

Feel as though your life lacks purpose? In search of greater meaning or merely looking for something to keep you busy? Being healthy and getting active is the perfect answer! Think daily walks through the neighbourhood with family, organised hikes with friends, joining a fitness class… the list of activities to choose from are endless!

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