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How to Cure Indigestion without a Doctor (Health)

How to Cure Indigestion without a Doctor

First of all, before you can begin to even think about curing a medical problem, you really need to make sure what exactly the medical problem is that you are suffering from. To know for sure whether of not you have indigestion means you need to take a look at a few things and then you need to learn how to cure indigestion all by yourself without having to turn to doctors and modern medicine. Although you do not have to be showing signs of all of the symptoms of indigestion, knowing what to look for will help you understand your situation.


Someone who is suffering from indigestion will often get a lot of stomach aches and just a feeling of uneasiness in their stomach area. Also, they may be having a lot of gas and vomiting along with feelings of weakness and pain in the lower parts of the legs. And this is on top of a loss of appetite, constipation, diarrhea, and acidity that is commonly experienced in people suffering from indigestion. So since every person is different, it is important to make sure that you understand that not everyone will experience the same symptoms.


There is a lot to say about someone wanting to learn how to cure indigestion by themselves. It shows that the person really wants to be personally involved with their own health and that they truly care about what all goes into their body instead of just jumping in head first into pills that a doctor would prescribe. Knowing how to cure indigestion by yourself could actually give you a better chance from being cured from it versus taking medication given by a doctor of hospital.

When talking about how to cure indigestion there has to be talk of drinking more water because not only is it good for your overall health, but it also relieves the pain of indigestion pretty quick. Also, there is talk of mixing a little bit of lemon juice in warm water and that being drank three times a day would dramatically improve digestion. A lot of people also say that drinking buttermilk after you have had your meal will really improve your digestion. All in all, knowing how to cure indigestion is all about research and then trying different things, as what works for one person may not work for you but the point is to never give up.

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