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Council for Those Intending Hajj

Council for Those Intending Hajj

Hadhrat Shafeequl Ummat Moulana Farouq Saheb (R)

1. This is a journey of LOVE. Due to his attachment and love, you are going to protect yourself from DISOBEYING HIM.

2. Begin your journey by leaving your comfort, food preference and ANGER at home.

3. The eyes, ears and tongue must be used CORRECTLY and must be constantly SUPERVISED.

Your speech must be SOFT and more SWEETER than a lump of sugar

Keep your tongue moist with DHIKR

Remain constantly in the state of Wudhu (PURITY)

Constantly recite the KALIMAH TAMJEED (3rd) in Makkah Mukarramah and the DUROOD SHAREEF in MADINAH Tayyibah.

4. Everything must he done with CONCENTRATION and to achieve the PLEASURE of Allah.

5. Throughout the journey be concerned about following the SUNNAH.

6. On fulfilling the needs of your companions, engage yourself, in

seclusion, with DU'A, DHIKR, TILAWAT, NAWAFIL, DUROOD SHAREEF,. ISTIGFAAR and TAWAAF PROTECT your health (look after)

7. Do not fall into the affairs of others without need. ANGER will destroy you and FIGHTING and QUARRELLING will destroy others.

8. SERVICE to Hujjaaj must be taken as a reward and means of salvation, do not think it useless. Protect yourself from PRIDE.

9. During times of difficulty make DUA' with humbleness and tears. Recite the Surah's; NASHR and QURAISH.

MURAQABAH-E-IHSAANI is necessary at ALL times - My Allah is watching me. This must be practised.

10. During your stay there, do not waste your precious TIME, for example, to go to the shopping centre's without need, spend time on the telephone, writing letters, etc.

11. Refrain from CRITICISM of the inhabitants of the Sacred Places, have RESPECT for everything there.

12. Do not be displeased with the heat or difficulty on experiences. Do not Complain.

13. Constantly look at the KAABAH with LOVE and RESPECT.

14. Make the Niyyat of journey to Madinah for ZIYARAT of our Nabi


15. Do everything with ease and comfort, DO NOT HURRY, keeping in mind the comfort of others.

16. On the plains of Arafat do not doubt your forgiveness. BE CERTAIN that my Allah Taala has forgiven me. (and remember the translator in Your Dua's)

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