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Splendid Noor

The Khilafat during the reign of Hadhrat Umar (RA) is most definitely a “highpoint” in the colourful history of Islam. Besides volumes being written about it, people across the spectrum actually show immense interest in getting to know more and more about the details of this Khilafa.

The justice system that was so carefully and conscientiously codified, systematised and implemented by Hadhrat Umar (RA) continues to be point of enormous interest to rulers and lawmakers the world over. As a Khalifa, his love for the people, coupled with his humanitarian and social skills, is an absolute gem of a lesson for all and sundry.

Hadhrat Umar (RA) once visited a certain place, where he found a blind person begging. Hadhrat Umar (RA) then questioned the blind beggar about his identity. He replied:

“I am a Jew.”

Hadhrat Umar (RA) then continued enquiring from him about the reason for his begging. In reply, the blind beggar mumbled:

“The payment of jiziya --- a tax levied on non-Muslims living in a Muslim country --- as well as family financial needs and old age.”

The Khalifah took hold of the man’s hand and proceeded homeward. There, he prepared some basic necessities for the blind Jew to take with him, and thereafter instructed the Baitul Maal (Islamic Treasury) to allocate a regular amount for this blind Jew, as well as others in a similar situation. Hadhrat Umar (RA) was indeed a “leader” of exceptional qualities and always stood for justice (adal).

His parting words on this occasion were:

“By Allah, we can never be unjust that we take jiziya from these people, who earned their wealth, and at times of difficulty and hardship they resort to begging, and we abandon them”.

Thereafter Hadhrat Umar (RA) abolished the jiziya for all people who were in such a condition. Additionally, the Khalifah thereafter fixed a stipend, from the treasury, for such infirm and frail people.

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