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Guest Impressions

Wisdom in Everything

Hazrat Luqman (AS), accompanied by his son, set out on a journey to meet Hazrat Lut (AS). During the course of the journey the animal they rode on died.

With no other mode of transport, both father and son walked barefooted. As a result, thorns pricked them under their feet, which caused injury and delay in their journey.
As young people think - always hasty and on the move - his son turned to his father and said,

“You always say that in everything there is wisdom, and I wonder what wisdom is in this? Especially when we were set to visit a Nabi of Allah: the animal died and that was the means of transport. Subsequently, we had to walk and get injured which slows down our pace and causes further delays.”  

Hazrat Luqman (AS) confidently addressed his son saying, “O Son! There must be some wisdom.”

The conversation hardly finished when suddenly Hazrat Jibraeel (AS) appeared informing them about his return after having meted out the punishment to the people of Lut on the instruction of Allah.

Hazrat Jibraeel (AS) explained to the father and son that, “Had your animal not died and the delay of the injury, and then you would have been there at the time of punishment. It is perhaps for this reason that Allah Ta’ala caused the animal to die and the injury of the feet.”

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