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The Misuse Of Cellphones

The Misuse Of Cellphones

To millions of South Africans, the cell phone is a blessing and has brought great relief and ease in terms of communication. The trade and commercial sector has tremendously benefited since its inception. There is absolutely no doubt that the cell phone is a useful device, albeit like other things it can be used incorrectly and more seriously, deliberately misused.


At this point in time the situation in the usage of the cell phone for other than a normal telephone conversation is indeed frightening. While to some, the playing of games has become an addiction, including adults, the more serious problem is with ‘MXit’. Basically MXit needs no introduction, especially to the younger generation. However don’t be surprised – one grandfather found a new partner through MXit – not to mention, he ditched his wife of forty six years. The MXit syndrome has gripped the vast majority of people. The number of marriage breakdowns and marital disputes caused by MXit has reached alarming proportions. Another feared cause of increased marital problems and obscenity is through the internet chatrooms. Basically the concept of both MXit and chatrooms is the same – having fun and entertainment chatting to others. However chatrooms have proven to be more potent.

Perhaps the strangest aspect of these devices – even if it’s “clean fun” – is that one becomes addicted to it. People are literally obsessed to it, spending hours, late into the early hours of the morning chatting to each other. The amount of valuable time spent is colossal. What will be the account of our time when we have to answer for every second? Unlike the phone billing of this world, in the Hereafter, the billing will be accompanied with exact details verbally witnessed by each of our limbs.

Probably one of the greatest fitnas caused by these devices is the intermingling of sexes covertly and at a more private venue. There is no fear of being seen with each other and yet enjoy an illicit relationship in the form of excited and sexual writings which may be termed as porn in words. All this is very serious and unacceptable according to the Shariah.

Consequently, hundreds of stories can be mentioned in the manner people have abused the cell phone. In one case the husband spent half an hour at a time in the toilet on MXit. He was suspected by the wife after his sudden lengthy toilet hours and having once checked the cell phone. This is how seriously and extensively the problem has manifested. Sometimes it may be difficult to altogether stop your child from MXit; however a strict control needs to be put in place. While technology advances, introducing strange gadgets, man is becoming lost in its right use and hence, in a stupor of madness the nafs gets the better of the person.

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