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Sms craze


The technology on modern communication equipment and gadgets has made great in-roads into our lives. It has made impossibilities of yesteryear become a reality, making the world look like one big village. Within seconds one is able to communicate with the most distant places globally.


One such communication tool is the infamous SMS (short message service). Undoubtedly it has done wonders, creating largely a better and more cost-effective mode of communication. The SMS proves to be an excellent instant message provider in the cases of funeral notices, religious events/programmes, hilaal announcements, etc.

However there is also a flip side of using this system. It can be used for many undesirable and haraam activities. For example, sending rude and sexual text messages will tantamount to pornography. At a press of a button so many people’s minds can become perverted with reading such filthy messages. Ironically, sometimes parents receive these SMS’s and the children (who are so accustomed to the beeps) innocently read the messages. How disgusting and sickening.

Instead, let us educate, and SMS good Islamic thoughts and the beautiful teachings of our beloved Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam).

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