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Tajweed: Basic overview - part 1

Tajweed: Basic overview - part 1

Tajweed is defined as the precise methodology of enunciating the letters of the Quran. Tajweed is part science and part art. The science is in the exact pronunciation of the Arabic letters and the rules for enunciation of the words and phrases of the Quran. The art comes in the style and beautifying the recitation.

The majority of this discipline is concerned with the correct pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet. For this there are two method of learning. First is by description of the place of origin of sound, known as the Makhraj (plural Makharij). There are 17 Makharij or places of sound origin encompassing the lips, tongue, palate, mouth and throat.. In other words, all of the Arabic letters originate from one of these 17 sites.

It is crucial to know where the sound of a letter is supposed to originate in order to pronounce it correctly. The second method of learning the pronunciation of the Arabic alphabet is by listening and following. Once the correct pronunciations have been mastered, the Rules of Tajweed can be learnt.

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