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Choose Your Friend

Choose Your Friend

The people around you make an impact on your everyday life. The people who surround you have probably the greatest influence on you and your thinking.

Friendship is a means to unite and bond society. Like all other things there are limits within the confines of family and Shariah, otherwise the same friendship can cause untold disaster and waves of fitnah. Good friends take you towards good and bad ones can make life a misery.

Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) guided us, saying that a person is on the religion of his friend, so therefore everyone should think about who his friend should be. In the light of this Hadith, a person’s ideology largely rests on the belief and thinking of his friend. His ways would also largely be determined by his friend’s deeds and actions.

The best friend is one who is pious and righteous.

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