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Choose the Right One

Choose the Right One

There are good friends and bad friends. Friends can play a great role in the good times and bad times in a person’s life. Although teenagers and young people are more vulnerable and may be influenced more easily, age is no safeguard criteria from being led onto the wrong path.

By way of a simple and humble example, Nabi (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) explained the difference between a good and bad friend: like that of a perfume seller and a blacksmith. When you are at the perfume seller’s shop then, either he will allow you to apply some perfume without charge, or you will buy from him, or the least that could happen is that you will smell the beautiful fragrance. On the contrary, if you are at the blacksmith then, either your clothes will get burnt, or you will emerge with a bad smell. (Muslim)

This Hadith expounds the benefits and disadvantages of good and bad friends. When a person associates with good people, then it will improve his dignity and honour in this world and the hereafter. Similarly, if the association is with bad and evil-minded people, then the person is heading towards disgrace in both the worlds.

It is indeed unfortunate that our younger generation has greater desire and inclination to some bad elements in society. These days it is more difficult to find good friends than bad ones. There is no shortage of bad friends lurking at every corner and segment of society. Conversely, good friends and good company are difficult to find. Yes! You need to hunt to find them, just as gold is not easily found.

The character displayed by some bad people is beyond one’s imagination. These people cause havoc among our youth. For example, drug addiction has reached alarming proportions where schools have become drug havens – school friends are targeted as peddlers.

Therefore it is important to choose your friends and the right company. Choose good friends or remain alone!

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