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Fashionable Clothing

Fashionable Clothing

Clothing is one great ni’mat of Allah Ta’ala – a means of covering the body. Covering the body also adds great comfort to the body as in Winter, warm clothing naturally insulates the body.The object of wearing clothes is to cover the body and therefore the purpose should not be for beautification. Yes, the clothing should be neat and clean but by no means it translates into donning for beautification.

The best clothing is the clothes of Taqwa as defined in the Noble Quraan. This would refer to modest dressing without the shape of the body being exposed. In the case of women, the entire body, including the hair on the head, must be covered.

With regard to fashionable clothing, in one particular Hadith reported by Ibn Umar [R A], Nabi [Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wa Sallam] said, ‘Whomsoever wears clothing of fashion in this world then Allah Ta’ala will make this person wear clothing of disgrace on the Day of Qiyamah.’ [Ahmed, Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah]

What exactly does ‘clothing of fashion’ mean? Shuhrat is the word used in the Hadith. The Muhaditheen have given several meanings to this word:

  1. Clothing that is not permissible to wear for both men and women. Clothing that is revealing and exposes the body. Clothing that is transparent and see-through.

  2. Clothing worn to show off. For example, donning several sets of clothing on one day so that people admire the standards of such a person as well as the selection of clothing.

  3. Clothing that has a strange and attractive look about it that it catches the eye most stunningly. For example, nowadays creative designs of pictures drawn on T-shirts that unconsciously catch the eye because of its colourful designs and photos.

Sometimes we are unmindful of such clothing. Let us not regret the severe consequences of wearing the clothing of disgrace in the hereafter for having neglected wearing clothing of Taqwa in this temporary world.


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