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Our Original Dwelling

Our Original Dwelling

And We said, "O Adam! Dwell you and your wife in paradise and eat, both of you, freely with pleasure and delight, of things therein as where ever you will, but come not near this tree or you both will be from the wrong-doers." [Baqara, 2:35]

After the creation of Hazrat Adam [AS] and Hawa [AS], they were both advised to live in Jannah. Their stay was made very comfortable in terms of any need, movement and want. However, they were restricted from ever stepping near a certain tree. It is understood from this
Ayah that Jannah is our original home, but if we are disobedient to the laws of Allah Ta'ala then it will not be our place of dwelling.

The instruction given to both of them is not to go near this tree, let alone eating the fruit from it. Similarly evil deeds, acts of transgression and disobedience to Almighty Allah are the examples of this tree. Never go towards sin otherwise you will be thrown out of Jannah. Train the mind and body to always dispel evil and sin at all times.

Moulana Ahmad Kathrada

Darul Ihsan Islamic Services Centre

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