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Jokes Aside-Dont Lie

Jokes Aside-Dont Lie

Nabi [Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wasallam] has severely warned about that person who makes people laugh by speaking lies. Nabi [Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wasallam] used the words, 'Destroyed is such a person.' Now this is self-explanatory. At the end of the Hadith Rasulullah [Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wasallam] once again mentioned twice, 'Destruction to such a person, destruction to such a person.'

Nowadays, some people love to be in the limelight and centre of an audience, attracting attention by means of joking. In order to keep the audience lively and in great laughter, many lies are spoken. Obviously the stories are made up and are full of lies. Ironically these people don't think of it as lies. The Hadith should be enough to put off these people.

The Shariah permits one to be humorous, but not excessively. However, the Shariah prohibits the speaking of lies totally. Remember in this particular Hadith, Nabi [Sallallahu Alaiyhi Wasallam]'s warning on 'Destruction to such a person' is repeated thrice – once in the beginning and twice at the end.

Moulana Ahmad Kathrada

Darul Ihsan Islamic Services Centre

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