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Which class do you belong to?

            Which class do you belong to?

Before it is misconstrued that Islam dictates a class system, let us open this article by stating that Discrimination is not a part of our Deen. It is the ignorant among us who try to associate our prejudices with Islam!

There are only two types of Muslims. The Good and the Not-So-Good. The people of Taqwa and the people of self-desires. Simply put, the Spiritual Muslim and the Technical Muslim.
The spiritual Muslim is he who tries to please his Creator despite his shortcomings and weaknesses. The Technical Muslim tries to live his life according to his desires, accepting only those aspects of Deen that are in conformity with his desires.

The Spiritual Muslim will recognize his sins as sins and aspire to try to reach Obedience even though he falters. The Technical Muslim will seek to legitimize his wrongs, ultimately believing that disobedience is no big deal.

It is the spiritual Muslim who, through sheer love for our Nabi (S.A.W) will make an effort to be like him, physically and morally even if he doesn’t quite make it. The technical Muslim will be the one shrugging off an important matter saying “its only sunnah, not farz!”

The spiritual Muslim will be the one who genuinely hopes that Allah Ta’ala will forgive him for not managing to please Him totally. The technical guy will say  “Allah is Ghafoorur Raheem!”, and he goes on with his life, unchecked.

The musjid will be occupied five times a day by the spiritual Muslim. His technical counterpart will make his grand appearance on Big Nights, Jumuah, Janazahs and Nikahs. He assumes that this periodical “signing in” will absolve him of all obligations as a Muslim.

We can go on with this, but I am sure by now, we are pretty sure which class we fall in. We  will realize, now, that the major difference between the two is that the Spiritual Muslim realizes that Allah is his Master and he has to try his utmost to please Him. The technical guy’s attitude displays an attitude of him being the master and Allah being the servant (may Allah save us!). and his virtues are a favour to Allah.

So my respected readers, let us try to break the shackles of this class system and be subservient to our Creator in every aspect of our lives, and should we fall, we get up and join the race again. May Allah make us of His choice servants. (aameen)

Moulana Muhammed Omarjee

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