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Haraam Livelihood

Haraam Livelihood

When haraam is consumed then the result is that the person loses interest in the worship of Allah Ta’ala, and an inclination towards evil and sin becomes apparent. This Haraam consumption deprives the acceptance of the most worthy and highest form of worship. Similarly the Deen of such a person is refuted even though it is done with the greatest amount of humility. Whichever part of the body the Haraam has touched and settled upon, then that part will be punished.

Oh, Ummat-e-Muslimah! Ponder and give deep thought to our present situation where so little attention is given to earning Halaal and abstaining from Haraam. Riba and interest have driven so many individuals and families to Haraam earnings. The taking and giving of bribes, fraud and corruption, etc. have become the order of the day. Gambling and corruption have become just another business to make extra money and become wealthy. Illegal business transactions have become a common practice. Taking of loans and not paying back has become a cancerous disease. Another evil of our society is usurping the wealth of others, especially in inheritance. And the list goes on.

On a more serious note people who are considered pious and seem actually religious have been suspected in defaulting, especially in money matters. Therefore it is non-negotiable for a Muslim to earn and consume Haraam.


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