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Our Environment

Our Environment

The countless bounties placed by Allah Ta'ala in this world have been purposefully made for the use and service of the creation of Allah Ta'ala. Invariably Allah Ta’ala is the owner of everything while we, as human beings, have been made trustees to care and manage the conservation of the environment. It is a religious duty to conserve and protect our environment as stated in the Noble Quran saying:

“And do not cause corruption in the earth, when it has been set in order.” [Al A'raaf 7:56]

A stern warning has been made to those who waste, exploit, abuse, misuse, destroy and pollute the natural resources and the environment. The Noble Quran states:

“And do good as Allah Ta'ala has been good to you. And do not seek to cause corruption in the Earth. Allah Ta'ala does not love the corrupters.” [Al Qasas 27:77]

“Eat and drink, but waste not by excess for verily Allah Ta'ala does not love the wasters.”

[Al A'raaf 7:31]

Let us briefly discuss a few of these bounties:


Water is the basis and origin of life. The Noble Quran says:

“And we have made from water every living being.” [Al Anbiya 21:30]

One cannot overemphasize the needs and functions of water as it plays a vital role in the perpetuation of life and the development of this world. It is therefore fundamental and obligatory to preserve the continuation of life by means of preserving and saving water as we very well know that only one percent of the world's water is fresh, ninety seven percent is saltish in the seas and two percent frozen.

Extravagance in using water and its pollution is forbidden in Islam. Once a Sahaabi was performing Wudhu for Salaah and Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) said: “What is this wastage, Oh Sa'd?” “Is there wastage in even washing for Salaah?” asked Sa'ad. Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) replied: “Yes, even if you are by a flowing river!”


The air we breathe is no less important than water for the perpetuation and preservation of life. Since our very existence is directly dependent on the air we breathe, it is incumbent upon us to prevent air pollution through the massive emission of gases that is having a direct effect on global warming, which has led to what is called the “greenhouse effect”.

Land and Soil

Like air and water, the land and soil (forests, etc) are essential for the perpetuation of life on this planet. Nabi (Sallallaahu Alaihi Wa Sallam) has mentioned: “The world is green and beautiful and Allah Ta'ala has appointed you as his steward over it. He sees how you acquit yourself.”

After all the land is our temporary home and in order to survive, we grow vegetables which we, human beings, and animals equally depend upon. Therefore it’s essential that we protect and safeguard the very source through which we acquire our sustenance and livelihood.

Plants and Animals

Again one cannot deny nor emphasize the importance of plants and animals. Each species and variety is unique for the continuation of life on this earth. Plants are of immense value to the eco-system. They enrich the soil, prevent soil erosion, provide oxygen, and have various other uses (e.g. medicine), etc.

The Noble Quran elucidates:

“Then let man consider his nourishment: that we pour down the rain in showers, and we split the earth in fragments, and therein made the grain to grow and vines and herbs and olives and palms and gardens of dense foliage and fruits and fodder – provision for you and your cattle.”

Regularly animals provide sustenance for plants: their dung enriches the soil and they contribute to the atmosphere by respiration as well as they provide mankind with leather, hair, wool and conveyance, etc.


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