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In the Sun and Under the Shade

In the Sun and Under the Shade

The Deenul Islam is a complete way of life by which Rasulullah [  ] has exhibited and demonstrated the most practical and impeccable life-style. The advice and teachings of the Shariah is indeed unimpeachable, an investment for this world and hereafter.

Muslims are indeed very fortunate to have the Shariah as a guide. The benefits are colossal. We need not know the worldly benefit in order to practise the Shariah. However, because the Shariah advises and guides us, we need to accept and manifest it into our lives without hesitation. Strangely, today we tend to first localize our thinking into logical thinking and/or benefit in the worldly life. Not surprisingly though, when the benefit is for some health- related reason then we become a little more interested. However this should not be the case - as Muslims our attitude must be overwhelming to embrace the Shariah holistically. 

Right now, one particular advice and teaching of our beloved Nabi [  ] comes to mind. Abu Huraira [  ] reports that Rasulullah [ ] said, ‘‘When anyone of you sits in the shade of the sun and then the shade moves away; and as a result some parts of the body is under the shade and some in the sun, so let him move away from the spot.”                     [Sunnan Abu Dawud]

A person should not be standing, sitting or sleeping with a portion of the body exposed to the sun and another portion in the shade. Medical experts are also of the opinion that one part of the body should not be in the sun and another part of it in the shade.                  


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