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My Son Aadil ... Our Inspiration

My Son Aadil ... Our Inspiration

My son Aadil was the eldest of my children. He started madrasah in Shallcross at the age of seven. Despite his asthmatic condition was always punctual for his lessons from a very young age. Two years after attending the madrasah I found his akhlaaq (character) improving. He always dressed according to the sunnah and was never seen without an amaamah (turban). He was always respectful and helpful to his mu’allimahs.

Daily he would gather his classmates and they would all go to madrasah together. He would take special care ensuring that the little one’s cross the road safely. He was very particular about gathering his friends for Jumuah Salaah on Friday and Taraweeh Salaah during the month of Ramadhaan.

At home he always helped his mother and granny with household chores. One outstanding quality in him was, he always shared what he had with others. On Fridays he would make sure he put his spending money into the musjid collection box. In Ramadhaan he saved his pocket money until he collected ten rands which he gave to his Aapa to give to the poor as Sadaqatul Fitr.

When the Ta’limi Board initiated the durood challenge, Aadil took it very seriously. After listening to the virtues of durood shareef, he dedicated much of his time to its recitation. (He was due to receive the certificate for the most amount of durood recited in his Madrasah). During this time he began having beautiful dreams. He dreamt of a handsome man wearing an amaamah and a white kurta. He could not see his face due to the noor emanating there-from. He also dreamt of a beautiful garden with beautiful flowers the like of which has never been seen in this world. The third dream he saw himself and his parents going to Madinah. There were many people present and he could feel the presence of Rasulullah [sallallahu alayhi wasallam]. Thereafter they went to Makkah where he performed tawaaf of the Ka’bah.

He always asked me (his mother) to leave work and spend my time at home saying that this world is of no value. [I have since left work]. He would tell everyone to stop watching television. He always wanted to become a Haafiz and made a firm intention to do so next year.

On Monday 21 May 2007 he suffered an asthma attack and breathed his last at the age of eleven. May Allah Ta’ala fill his qabar with Noor and make him an inspiration for the entire Ummah Aameen.

His Mother...

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