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Be on your Guard!

Be on your Guard!

The wealth of knowledge stored and accessed through the internet is indeed colossal and unlimited. People have access to all kinds of information. And each day the information continues to grow and multiply.

While the internet may be used to one's great advantage sourcing information at the press of a button, one may possibly be ruined and misled. Apart from the evils like porn, addiction, etc, another serious problem faced by the Muslim user is the adulterated and fabricated Islamic information. One cannot imagine the number of illegal and corrupted websites posing as “Islamic websites”. Often such sites are cleverly set-up by Jewish agencies, Qadiyani groups and other deviated sects.

Muslims must be wary and alert about the dozens of such un-Islamic sites. Don't be fooled by the Islamic calligraphy, Islamic quotations, terminology, photo images of the Kaabah. For example, often the twist and curls are subtle but yet resoundingly convincing.

Next time be alert and wide awake.

Please pass this message to others.

Darul Ihsan



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