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Common Misconceptions of Halaal

  • That the use of Halaal slaughtered meat/ poultry are sufficient to meet the Islamic requirements of Halaal.

INCORRECT: Halaal entails the entire process from inception (selection and slaughter process) to delivery to the Muslim Consumer. It includes all the Islamic standards pertaining to hygiene and the avoidance of cross-contamination with Haraam products.


  • That the use of Halaal means only the exclusion of pork.

INCORRECT: Pork is one item which is unlawful (Haraam) from the Islamic legal perspective. There has to be full understanding of the whole process of Halaal and the products that are Haraam. For example, animal additives, which are derived from a non-Halaal source, are also prohibited.


  • That, “baptism” or some ritual cleaning is what’s required for the meat/ poultry to be Halaal.

INCORRECT: There is no concept of baptism in Islamic Law pertaining to the concept of Halaal.


  • That, alcohol used in the cooking process, medicines or as a preservative is permissible i.e. as long as it is not consumed for intoxication.

INCORRECT: There are detailed guidelines on what is permissible and what is not with respect to alcohol in food or medicine. A proper ruling should be sought on a case by case basis from the scholars.

Source: SANHA

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