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muhammed Parak

muhammed Parak

Almost 60 percent of latest Rohingya Muslim arrivals in Bangladesh are children

Turkish agencies campaigning for Rohingya Muslims since 2012

Students, belonging to the SA Students Congress (SASCO) and the Progressive Youth Alliance (PYA), who are running in the current Wits University SRC student government elections have signed a public pledge rejecting propaganda junket trips to Israel.

In a race to prevent a cholera outbreak among the more than half a million Rohingya refugee arrivals in Cox’s Bazaar, Bangladesh, United Nations agencies launched a massive immunization campaign.

Al Ihsan Relief (AIR), in conjunction with Darul Ihsan Centre, conducted a series of relief operations in the surrounding areas of Durban for communities affected by the recent storm.

The speed and scale of people fleeing Myanmar has triggered a humanitarian emergency in Bangladesh, where hundreds of thousands of refugees now depend on humanitarian assistance for shelter, food, water and other life-saving needs, says the United Nations migration agency.

RIYADH: The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grandi said the Kingdom is one of the major countries concerned with solving humanitarian and political problems.

Some 582,000 Rohingya refugees have fled Myanmar and arrived in Bangladesh since late August, the United Nations said Tuesday, warning that thousands more were stranded at the border.

Q: Does our Shariah allow boycotting of products of a company or country for political reasons ? The products could be halaal suitable.

‘Al Ihsan Relief’ (AIR), in conjunction with Darul Ihsan Centre, provided 70 blankets for displaced residents at the Cato Crest Informal Settlement due to a fire incident.

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