06 July 2020   14. Zul Qadah 1441
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Dawah Department

"O Ali, if a single person is guided (to Islam) through you, it is better for you than red camels (the most valuable commodity at the time)."

Dawah is a primary Islamic duty upon all Muslims, which is unfortunately neglected to a great extent at present.
The Darul Ihsan Dawah Department is engaged in efforts to promote and disseminate the Deen of Islam to the general masses. Alhamdulillah, numerous activities have been carried out on a regular basis as listed hereunder.

  • Imbizo

The Darul Ihsan Dawah Department regularly hold programs in the local adjoining townships and districts in an effort to expose Islam to the people and bring the Muslim community together. These programs are generally referred to as Imbizos.

  • Islamic Information Centre (Inanda)

In the year 2007, a satellite office was established to serve the people of Inanda and surrounding areas.

The Centre serves mainly the sprawling township of Inanda (North of Durban). Among other activities, the office is engaged in Dawah work, translations in the Zulu language, conversions, etc.

People visit the office daily enquiring about Islam and Alhamdulillah, a number of local residents have embraced Islam. Free Islamic Literature is made available and queries on a number of Islamic issues are fielded at the office.

  • Media

The Dawah Dept. regularly conducts programs over various radio stations (Radio Al Ansaar, etc) in the Zulu language. The Jumuah platform is also used as a vibrant means of Dawah.

Another area of work is responding to anti-Islamic and negative views about Islam in the local Zulu newspapers. One such article rebutted was rampant propaganda about Muslim people being cannibals.

  • "Learn the Deen" Revert Classes

Weekly adult classes for reverts-males and females-are conducted under the name of “Learn the Deen” at the Darul Ihsan Centre which are well attended.

Key points:

  1. Islamic Information Centre, Inanda – Darul Ihsan's Dawah office in the heart of Inanda serves the community
  2. "Learn the Deen" revert classes are well attended by both male and female students


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