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Laptop Sponsor

In the Name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate

To the organization, Darul Ihsan Centre

I pass my thanks to the organization for sponsoring me with a laptop that I dearly needed to help me towards my studies and the opportunity to have computer knowledge. I have no words to express the joy when I received it because where I stay I have no access to computers.

I have no way of defining my happiness. I come from a troubled background and live in a neighbourhood that is surrounded by many negative things with hardly any good role models.
I am also grateful and thankful for the funds I received from the organization. With the funds I managed to buy myself a used calculator from a schoolmate. I bought a wrist watch, a wallet and groceries for my mum – after a long time I was able to take lunch to school. I also bought myself a pair of sandals as I had been using only one pair on a daily basis for a year.

The organization brought hope for me in this difficult life I had been living. I give thanks to the Creator as everything starts from Allah the Most Merciful, the Most Compassionate. Before I reverted I was lost, I thank Allah for guiding me to find Islam. I’m thankful to embrace Islam even though I’ve found it at a mature age. Sometimes I wish I would have found it earlier. I do my best to abide by the rules and regulations of Islam and pray that one day the Creator may bless me to become fully knowledgeable about all the requirements of Islam.
There are many things which I need such as clothing, especially literature and books to enhance my knowledge in Islam. When it rains my tin roof home leaks, yet deep in my heart I know I now have a family that has not judged me because of my faults or my poor background.

However, this letter is not about my needs but about how thankful I am to the organization for the assistance they gave me.

I give special thanks to Maulana Jadwat, special thanks to Maulana Kathrada, special thanks to ‘dad’ Salim and special thanks to the whole of Darul Ihsan organization.
Most importantly all thanks belongs to Allah, the Most Gracious, for opening your hearts to help me.

I am learning about Islam step by step and in my prayers I ask Allah that he grants me full knowledge of Islam and its way of life.

Lastly, my most sincere thanks to the organization - May Allah Ta’ala bless you all.

From Hazim

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