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mefAllah Ta’ala, in His Absolute Wisdom, created every living thing perfectly and every creation is different in its shape, colour, appearance, understanding, etc.

Similarly in the creation of man every individual is different to another in appearance, shape, size, stature, wealth, etc. Some people are well to do, wealthy and rich while others are less privileged and in need. However, it is at this juncture that the narration reported by Anas (RA) is most appropriate:

Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasalam) said, “Whomsoever fulfils a need of a person from my Ummah than surely he has made me happy, and whoever makes me happy has made Allah happy, and whoever makes Allah happy,  Allah will enter him into Jannah.” (Bayhaqi)

disasterIn times of natural disasters and emergency situations, Darul Ihsan's Disaster Management Committee (which is a wing of the Welfare Department) jumps into action, assisting the victims and bringing comfort and solace to them as much as possible.

itIn the age of technological advancement, it is of vital importance that this technology be harnessed to convey the message of Islam across to the masses. Darul Ihsan is well equipped with computers and related equipment to meet this requirement.

Darul Ihsan has an in-house I.T. Department which manages the Darul Ihsan website, the Y.O.U. website ( and more recently Mufti Taqi Uthmani's website (www/

newsDarul Ihsan has taken the initiative of responding to issues relating to Islam and Muslims in the Media. Darul Ihsan Ulama regularly feature in interviews with newspapers, radio stations, etc. Press releases are sent to the newspapers whenever the media call upon Darul Ihsan to comment on any issue. Dozens of letters have been sent to the media which appear regularly in the letter’s column.

Islamic literature or any other medium containing Islamic content should be highly revered. When the use of such writings no longer remains, it should be stored or alternatively disposed of in a respectful manner.

libraryDarul Ihsan has a fully fledged Islamic Library at its premises.

Classical as well as contemporary works in English, Arabic and Urdu are kept. Sections include Fiqh, Seerah, History, Hadith, Tafseer, Aqaaid, Education and Tasawwuf among others.

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